Skype Now Has a Built-In Call Recording Feature

Prior to the update, you could record calls on Skype, but you’d have to rely on a third-party application. You can now record your conversations by clicking on a new option in the interface. Source: news rev

Octa-Core Likebook Mars E-Reader Offers Google Play Store Access

The E Ink displays used in e-readers usually means the devices are limited to displaying text and static images, but Boyue’s new reader ships with the Google Play Store installed and runs on an octa-core processor. Will this be the fastest e-reader ever released? Source: news rev

Report: Instagram Is Building a Shopping App

The photo and video sharing social network looks to be branching out into shopping. The IG Shopping app would allow users to buy items from companies without leaving the app, which is sure to grab the attention of just about every brand on the planet. Source: news rev

Sony Decides to Stop Repairing the PlayStation 2

Gamers have been enjoying not one, but two more recent generations of PlayStation hardware for 12 years now. But in Japan Sony kept on repairing its second-gen console, some of which are now 18 years old. The last repairs will be carried out this month. Source: news rev

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Now Includes 23 Games

Although the collection will only ship with 13 games on the Switch cartridge, NIS America and Digital Eclipse revealed over the weekend that 10 more games will be offered for free as DLC post-launch. We already know what five of them are. Source: news rev

As DARPA Turns 60, What's Next?

DARPA has presided over a number of major innovations, from stealth aircraft to the internet. Now, on its 60th birthday, the agency looks to the next generation of discovery. Source: news rev